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Banishing Stress

Being a parent often means putting your own relaxation on the back burner to keep up with the kids.

Even a veteran parent can tell you it’s important to take some time to yourself every now and then, while devoting a little time each day to stress management. Everyone’s body relaxes at a different pace and while some parents are content unwinding with a nice nap on the couch, it might take some yoga or meditation to banish some of your built up stress.

Scheduling time into your day to activities that help you relieve stress and rejuvenate are important to creating a little more balance and harmony in other areas of busy life as a parent.


Meditation can start or end your day on a peaceful and enlightened note that leaves no room for stress or anxiety. Some might choose to meditate in a specific area of their home while others define the meditative experience as a simple break away from a stressful situation. The object of meditation is to clear your mind of everything except the physical sensation of your body being grounded to the earth, thinking only of functions like deep breathing and relaxing your posture. You might choose to recite a mantra or simply close your eyes and focus on some deep, calculated breaths. 


A yoga routine can be just as powerful for relaxation as it can as an exercise routine. Yoga allows you to focus a cluttered mind onto the pose you’re trying to accomplish and to easily incorporate meditative strategies as you hold certain poses. Yoga poses often require you to actively engage all your muscles to hold positions and fully extend limbs to reach these goals. Engaging your muscles increases blood flow, gets your heart pumping and flowing refreshing new oxygen throughout your body. Incorporating a few yoga poses once or twice per day can help you feel rejuvenated and keeping stress at bay.


Physical activity in general can transform a bad mood and relieve stress. Light cardio, aerobics, or gentle weight lifting can improve cognitive function, alertness, concentration, and reducing fatigue. Stress doesn’t just affect our bodies emotionally, but can take a physical toll too. Exercise simply makes your body feel better and when your body feels better so does your mind. Adding some exercise to your schedule every week will keep your mind and body in top top shape.

Stress Away Essential Oil

The power of smell is an incredible thing and certain herbal blends can dramatically reduce stress and anxiety. Stress Away is an essential oil blend of tropical and citrus that relaxes and comforts the body and mind. Whether you’re using the essential oil to maintain a relaxing space in your home or a refreshing aromatherapy break on the go, Stress Away is a staple for finding a little peace every day, available on it’s own or in the Premium Starter Kit. 

With busy schedules getting busier and often more stressful, adding some stress management into your daily routine can keep you feeling centered, focused and ready to seize the day.

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