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Top 5 Foods to Give You More Magnesium

When life hands us busy schedules it can be difficult to get some of the valuable vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals for our bodies and boasts a powerful list of health benefits. Making sure you have enough magnesium in your diet or supplementing additional magnesium rich foods is an easy adjustment to make for some great payoffs. Magnesium helps alleviate headaches, cramps, constipation and even ineffective contractions. 

Only one in three people aren’t getting enough magnesium in their diets.

This deficiency might actually be causing some of the symptoms you’re experiencing.While some people will require their magnesium in supplement form, there’s some food choices you can make that will give your body an all natural boost. 

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are one of the best kept secrets of the health food aisle. Raw or lightly roasted pumpkin seeds provide almost 50% of your daily magnesium intake while giving you a hearty dose of zinc and vitamin E. These seeds make a great snack that keeps you energized throughout the day whether you eat them plain or seasoned. Add some pumpkin seeds to your trail mixes for a effortless boost of magnesium.


Spinach is an amazingly versatile super food that is rich in vitamins and minerals. While eating spinach raw keeps many of these properties stronger, sautéing your servings will keep that incredible dose of magnesium intact. One serving of spinach gives you nearly 40% of your daily dose of magnesium. Try subbing your salad greens with baby spinach for that extra magnesium kick your body is craving.

Cooked Quinoa

Looking for a hearty side dish for dinner or a filling vegetarian dinner? Quinoa might be a good choice for you. Similar to a rice or barley, quinoa can be worked into tons of delicious meals for anytime of day. These dainty grains pack 30% of your daily magnesium intake into a modest 2/3 cup serving that can morph to match any flavor profile.

Black Beans

These beauties are great for your digestive health and are a great way to sneak some additional magnesium into your diet. You’re getting a ton of fiber with your 30% of your daily magnesium intake. You don’t need much to gather some healthy vitamins and minerals, just a 4 to 8 cups of black beans per week for optimized health benefits.


This delicious snack is great for busy moms on the go looking for that extra boost of energy without the guilt. Choosing to snack on some cashews can perk up magnesium levels with 29% of your recommended daily intake. Put some in bags and throw them in your gym bag for a magnesium boost on the go and some wholesome energy to help you power through a workout.

Your body tells you what it needs.

Making the conscious choice to choose magnesium rich foods can help your body find some balance. If you’re experiencing some of the side effects of magnesium deficiency, making little changes in your lifestyle can help you feel much better.

Banishing Stress

Being a parent often means putting your own relaxation on the back burner to keep up with the kids.

Even a veteran parent can tell you it’s important to take some time to yourself every now and then, while devoting a little time each day to stress management. Everyone’s body relaxes at a different pace and while some parents are content unwinding with a nice nap on the couch, it might take some yoga or meditation to banish some of your built up stress.

Scheduling time into your day to activities that help you relieve stress and rejuvenate are important to creating a little more balance and harmony in other areas of busy life as a parent.


Meditation can start or end your day on a peaceful and enlightened note that leaves no room for stress or anxiety. Some might choose to meditate in a specific area of their home while others define the meditative experience as a simple break away from a stressful situation. The object of meditation is to clear your mind of everything except the physical sensation of your body being grounded to the earth, thinking only of functions like deep breathing and relaxing your posture. You might choose to recite a mantra or simply close your eyes and focus on some deep, calculated breaths. 


A yoga routine can be just as powerful for relaxation as it can as an exercise routine. Yoga allows you to focus a cluttered mind onto the pose you’re trying to accomplish and to easily incorporate meditative strategies as you hold certain poses. Yoga poses often require you to actively engage all your muscles to hold positions and fully extend limbs to reach these goals. Engaging your muscles increases blood flow, gets your heart pumping and flowing refreshing new oxygen throughout your body. Incorporating a few yoga poses once or twice per day can help you feel rejuvenated and keeping stress at bay.


Physical activity in general can transform a bad mood and relieve stress. Light cardio, aerobics, or gentle weight lifting can improve cognitive function, alertness, concentration, and reducing fatigue. Stress doesn’t just affect our bodies emotionally, but can take a physical toll too. Exercise simply makes your body feel better and when your body feels better so does your mind. Adding some exercise to your schedule every week will keep your mind and body in top top shape.

Stress Away Essential Oil

The power of smell is an incredible thing and certain herbal blends can dramatically reduce stress and anxiety. Stress Away is an essential oil blend of tropical and citrus that relaxes and comforts the body and mind. Whether you’re using the essential oil to maintain a relaxing space in your home or a refreshing aromatherapy break on the go, Stress Away is a staple for finding a little peace every day, available on it’s own or in the Premium Starter Kit. 

With busy schedules getting busier and often more stressful, adding some stress management into your daily routine can keep you feeling centered, focused and ready to seize the day.

Introducing Your Dog and Baby

For dog lovers, our pets are family.

If this is your first pregnancy, your dog might have very well been your first baby. When it comes time to bringing your baby home for the first time, you might be wondering how to introduce your dog to your brand new baby. 

Our dogs are very in tune with our emotional energy, but they don’t always know what these different feelings around the house mean. Pregnancy is an emotional journey with ups and downs and your pet will likely reflect these emotions in their own behavior.

New parents shouldn’t feel stressed to introduce their two favorite “people” together for the first time, so we’re bringing expectant parents some peace of mind for this exciting new chapter for their growing families. 

Break Bad Habits

While you’re pregnant, it’s a great opportunity to focus on your pet and breaking some bad habits they might have. If your dog has some behavioral quirks like jumping when greeting new people, territoriality or even accidents in the house, it might be helpful for you to get them on a training regimen. When it comes time to bring home your newborn, it’s a sigh of relief to have your dog being well behaved and in a calm and comfortable state of mind.  

Prepare Your Pet 

Dogs have an acute sense of smell and sound and these are immediately connected to many of their behaviors. Preparing your dog with the sights, sounds an scent of your new baby helps acclimate your dog to the changes around your home. Play baby sounds at a low volume throughout the day, turning the volume up while your dog is more relaxed. Use a realistic baby doll to help your dog understand how to interact around the baby, praising or rewarding them for good behavior. It can also be helpful to introduce your new baby’s scent on a blanket or an article of clothing to help your pet develop a relationship with the new baby.

Don’t Scold

When dogs are confused or anxious, they might give warning signs to people that can come across as aggressive. Low growls or mumbles out of your dog give you an opportunity to assess the situation or conflict, understanding more about what is triggering this emotion in your dog. Observe their body language, help remove them from the situation if they become visually stressed. Don’t punish the warning signs your dog are sending you, they are just looking for some understanding.

Patience is everything in the first few weeks home with your new baby and that goes for your baby’s relationship with your dog too. 

Don’t overstimulate your pet by forcing the interaction with your baby and a little understanding and patience will result in an amazing lifelong friendship.

Benefits of Childbirth Education Classes


While you anxiously await your baby’s big arrival, there’s plenty of organizing and preparation for parents to catch up on. Childbirth education classes might not be at the top of your list, but they’re actually an important part of the whole childbirth process.

Even if your’e a pair of veteran parents, childbirth education classes  can help you brush up on your baby skills before the big day and keep you feeling confident and ready to go.

What are some of the benefits of childbirth education classes?

 As an expectant parent, it’s normal to have a lot of questions about your upcomkng birth experience. Childbirth education classes answer a lot of the questions that many parents still have as the ‘due date’ approaches. Participating in a childbirth education session gives parents confidence and peace of mind. Parents can discuss their fears or uncertainties with their instructor and other expectant parents in the session. The instructor discusses different pain management options and comfort measures to help you put all the finishing touches on your birth plan so you’re ready to go when the big day arrives.

In Home Childbirth Education Classes

Group classes can be great but they’re not ideal for every family and private childbirth education classes at home can be easier for parents to work into their busy schedules. Private classes are tailored for the needs of the parents and they can be sure that they’re getting all the information they need and nothing they don’t. These classes help parents develop a birth plan that is harmonious with their parenting styles, cultural ideals, and the choices they wish to incorporate for their child’s birth. During private sessions, there’s more opportunity for your childbirth educator to break down the individual elements of your birth plan and give parents their complete and undivided attention.

Childbirth Education for Grandparents

This curriculum is not exclusive to expectant parents but can also offers grandparents a refresher course on all things baby care. When parents and grandparents participate to their childbirth class together, they can stay on the same page with parenting styles. This keeps grandparents feeling included in the process and comfortable that they’re equipped to lend a helping hand.

Childbirth education classes offer valuable peace of mind to parents

Get your birth plan in place and all those questions answered so you can sit back and relax with your family in those last few weeks of your pregnancy. You’d be surprised how much of a difference a few classes make in your baby prep, having you feeling more confident than ever to start this amazing new chapter with your family.

Planning Your Birth Team

Creating a positive birth experience starts with a good support team.

Nothing influences your birth more than your birth team. The people you have with you will forever shape your memory of the birth of your child.

Research shows that continuous support during labor can reduce complications, lower the risk of cesareans as well decrease the need for pain medication. A good support team can promote bonding, lead to an easier recovery, support successful breastfeeding, and improve your birth experience. Who doesn’t want that?!

Here’s a couple of tips and tricks to creating an awesome team of support for your baby’s big arrival. 

Location of Birth

Home, Hospital, or Birthing Center? Tour your local facilities, get a feel for the energy and the resources available at each location. Where do you feel comfortable? Where do you feel supported? Where would you feel safe? Studies have shown that birth at home or in a birth center with a Midwife in attendance is as safe as birthing in a hospital when the mother is low risk and there is a plan for transfer should complications arise.  Each location has it’s own risks and, it’s up to you to decide where is right for you and your baby!

Care Provider

Choosing a provider who shares a similar philosophy about birth is important, but more important, is a provider who will respect your choices, regardless of it he or she would make the same decisions. Your care provider will be guiding you in your care, you want to know that that guidance is going to support your desires. If you choose a Midwife, your Midwife will provide you with complete, comprehensive care for your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She will support your birth plan and encourage you as the primary decision maker in your care while providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions.


Doulas are an excellent addition to any birth and postpartum support team! They provide emotional support, help with physical comfort, and can serve as a liaison to promote communication between you and the rest of your birth team. Doulas fill in if partners are not able to attend or aren’t involved. Postpartum doulas provide in home support to you and your family. Whether for birth or postpartum, doulas customize their care to support your needs. Ask your care provider for referrals to doulas in your area.


 Attending Childbirth Classes and prenatal visits together, reading books, watching videos, and talking about birth will help you both prepare for the birth of your child. It’s good for you both to have realistic expectations and enough support for each of you. The day your child is born, is a day you both will remember for the rest of your lives!

While birth can be a team effort, you are most certainly the star, and should have all the support you need.  A written birth plan can be an effective tool to communicate your desires and expectations effectively to your partner and the rest of your team. Together, you and your birth team can welcome your baby into the world with love and joy!

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