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Birthways Events, Classes, & Workshops

Birthways understands that having a baby is a time of transition, new ideas, and new experiences, It’s the perfect time to build your knowledge and your support network!

Please register in advance for all Classes by calling 941-366-2229

Childbirth Education Classes

Our classes are scheduled workshop style in the evening or Saturday morning and are included without additional cost to as part of our Midwifery Care. 

We offer an integrative approach to support you in creating the birth you desire.  Drawing upon ancient wisdom and modern science to prepare mind, body, and spirit for the significant transitions of pregnancy, childbirth, and new parenthood.  Our classes are uniquely designed to include effective techniques from various childbirth philosophies, medical research, and our own experience to provide you information and support for this powerful journey.  Instruction includes open dialogue and interactive exercises that foster community through your birth and beyond.

Foundations of Pregnancy

**this class is free & open to everyone in our community

Get the tips you need to promote a healthy pregnancy and help prepare you for birth. Perfect for families in the 1st or 2nd trimester!
You’ll learn: what to eat & what to avoid, healthy movements & exercises, alternatives healing modalities safe for pregnancy, how to protect your pelvic floor, your options in healthcare and how to create the best team to support you during pregnancy, birth, and during the early weeks after baby arrives.

Foundations of Birth

This workshop discusses what to expect during labor, birth, & immediate postpartum.
Topics include: how a baby is born, anatomy of the pelvis, types of labor, signs & stages of labor, birth plans, complications, variations of labor & interventions, your options for birth, and labor support.
**This workshop is offerred as one Saturday session OR 2 evenings sessions.

Labor Prep Workshop

This class is a MUST for all expectant parents! This interactive workshop provides you with practical tools for labor. From breathing & relaxation techniques, positions to ease discomfort, techniques to best support the laboring mother, coping strategies for laboring & for partners, how to time contractions and more!

New Beginnings

Join us to learn about your baby, breastfeeding, and what to expect after the baby arrives. A MUST for all 1st-time parents or if you’ve had breastfeeding challenges before!

Mothers Circle

Meeting the 1st Wednesday of the month at 10:30 am, this group is FREE & open to everyone in our community! Gather with other moms to share stories & support. 

Infant CPR

The course’s goal is to prepare parents & care providers for the most unlikely of events. The focus is on simplicity of action to increase the likelihood of a good outcome. Although it follows the guidelines of the American Heart Association, it is not rigid in its approach. You will have plenty of “hands on” time with a life-like mannequin in simulated emergency situations and, with our guidance, be able to respond in a helpful way. RSVP in advance is required, CALL to reserve your spot!


Beach Days

When the weather is fine and the beach is ideal, we meet up at the beach for a day of fun! Bring the kids, bring yourself, your partner, and come hang out with us at the beach! You can even have your prenatal visit while we’re there!

Birth Assistant Workshop

This 1-day workshop will focus on the knowledge & skills necessary to be a birth assistant. Topics include Responsibilities, Charting, Universal Precautions, Sterile Technique, Supplies, Practical Skills, commonly used herbs & medications, Postpartum & Newborn Care, and Birth Emergencies.

“We are so pleased with everything about Birthways. The education and information they provide has been priceless.”  ~Mimi

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facebook twitter instagram pinterest you-tube email