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My Birth

That’s right! YOUR birth.

Your birth, your baby, your philosophy.

Because giving birth is life’s most awe-inspiring experience, we encourage you to explore your personal philosophies around it. If you don’t feel like you have given voice to your innermost beliefs surrounding birth just yet, ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • What does my ideal birth look like?
  • Do I envision a natural birth, where the normal process is supported? 
  • Am I imagining walking and choosing my labor positions?
  • Do I think birth requires medical intervention?
  • Am I excited or scared to give birth… maybe both?
  • Will I breastfeed?
  • Do I want to be involved in decisions about my care?
  • Is the option to birth in water something I want?

As Midwives, we view birth as a normal physiological process. We realize that not everyone feels the same way. If you prefer a natural approach to childbirth, we’d love to meet with you! You are welcome to choose to birth at our beautiful Birthways Family Birth Center or we will come to your home for your home birth. You decide!


There is no “right way” to give birth. The “ideal birth” is what YOU decide it is. What doesn’t vary is the idea that you and your baby should be safe throughout the process.

With an impeccable record, our Midwives provide the same safe professional Midwifer Care, medical equipment, and supplies to families choosing birth center or home birth so you and your baby’s safety are comparable at both locations. Your health and safety are always our number one priority!

When labor begins, call your Midwife!

It doesn’t matter if it’s late at night or if you’re not sure if you’re really in labor. You and your Midwife will decide together when you’ll come into the Birth Center or when she will join you at your home.

Once you’re in active labor the Midwife will remain with you, providing support and assessing you and your baby throughout labor until a few hours after the birth. During your labor your Midwife can be as involved as you need her to be. She can actively provide support, encouragement and guidance. Or, if you prefer to labor alone with your husband or partner she will provide you with as much privacy as possible. Of course she will make sure that you and your baby are doing well throughout labor by quietly listening to your baby’s heartbeat and assessing your vital signs at regular intervals.

  • All interventions are kept to a minimum when possible
  • Birth is a normal process and it works best when supported naturally
  • Cervical checks are kept to a minimum
  • IV’s are not routine, but are available if needed
  • You are supported in listening to your body during labor
  • You are encouraged to use positions you find most comfortable
  • Your Midwife will encourage you to walk, eat and drink, use the shower or tub if desired, and generally do what works best for you during your baby’s birth.

Rest assured that interventions will only be done when needed and with your consent.

If a hospital birth becomes necessary, your Midwife will transition your care to the hospital providing you with support and information to assist you in making important decisions.

When it’s time for your baby to be born, your Midwife will encourage you to follow your body for physiologic pushing. Changing positions during this time in labor is often helpful and she may suggest positions if needed. When your baby is being born you or your partner may “catch” the baby if you choose. Your baby will be assessed in your arms. After the cord stops pulsing it can be cut by whomever you choose. Most often dads or siblings step up for this honor.

Birth is as unique as the person experiencing it. We congratulate you and look forward learning about the birth you desire!

“The midwives and staff at Birthways are the very best. For the birth of my first child I met with many providers in the area, but as soon as I met the staff at Birthways I knew they were the people I wanted by my side through my pregnancy. The atmosphere is calming and relaxing… something I needed as a first time mother.”

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