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My Pregnancy

“As a birthing woman, I have desires. I want to celebrate the welcoming of our baby in the environment I choose, supported by people who love me and I want to feel safe. For these reasons, I choose Birthways for our care.”

Make a choice We know the importance of the day a family gives birth and while you cannot control every detail of birth, you are able to make choices that can lead to you having the experience you imagine. With Birthways we provide you with 2 options for the birth setting you prefer.

You may choose:

    • Birth in our birth center
  • Birth at home

Water birth is an option in both settings

Bring the gangWe view your children, family, and friends as an integral part of your life. We welcome and encourage them to be at your visits. This gives them the opportunity to ask their own questions and to witness the miracle of your baby’s growth.


Feel the love One of the most significant aspects of midwifery care is the relationship that forms between the mother, her family, and her midwives. We offer extended appointments when compared with typical Obstetrical Care. What we must do during your visit only takes about 10 minutes, but that wouldn’t give us time to learn about you, answer your questions and support your desires.

Your prenatal appointmentsPrenatal care is more than what happens during your visits with us, it’s how you care for yourself when you aren’t with us that really impacts your pregnancy and your baby’s health. We provide you with information so you can make the healthy choices that lead to the best experience possible.

Prenatal visits are a fundamental part of growing your baby and we want you to know exactly what to expect during your visits with us.

During your first visit with us we will get to know each other and review the following.

    • Your Medical history
    • Your Physical health
    • Nutritional Health
  • Your desires for your birth

All prenatal visits are between 30-60 minutes in length and include:

    • Checking your blood pressure
    • Urinalysis
    • Fundal height measurement (measuring the growth of your baby)
    • Gently feeling your baby’s position to ensure baby is in a good position for birth
    • Listening to your baby’s heartbeat
  • Discussing any concerns or questions you may have

Your prenatal visits occur monthly until 28 weeks of pregnancy, then every two weeks until the 36th week, followed by weekly visits until your baby arrives.

If you are planning to have your baby at home, your Midwife will make a home visit towards the end of your pregnancy in order to become acclimated with your birth space.

Most labs are done in the Birthways office and we offer referrals for ultrasounds or additional testing as needed or requested.

Having a baby is a special time in a family’s life and your midwives at Birthways Family Birth Center feel honored and blessed to be a part of your experience.

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