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My Support Team


Linda Jones, Administrator

Linda has always been a supporter of Birthways Family Birth Center and joined our team in 2011. She is the mother of four grown children, the grandmother of five and great-grandmother of 2 boys. Linda loves horses, babies, and country music! She handles many of the behind the scenes details. 

Rachael McGeorge, Office Manager

Rachael is one of the first people you’ll likely meet at Birthways. She’s a mother of 2, manager of midwives, and is happy to answer your questions and schedule your appointments. Rachael is happy to assist our families in any way she can. 

Alisha Sexton, Childbirth Educator

Alisha is passionate about birth, babies, and breastfeeding. At Birthways she  shares her knowledge and experience in our childbirth education, breastfeeding, baby care, and infant massage classes. Alisha offers individual or group exercise classes for moms of any age to assist the body in healing diastasis recti and pelvic floor strength after childbirth.

She is a licensed massage therapist holding a certificate in pregnancy massage, lactation counseling, and MuTu Pro™. Additionally she is the mother of 3 children, 2 of which were born with Birthways!

The Future of Midwifery

Birthways Family Birth Center is proud to promote and support the continued growth of Midwifery in Florida by allowing students to learn from our midwives and families.

Recognizing that the care we provide is unique, we encourage involvement of health care professional students. While we primarily accept student midwives for long-term intern placement, occasionally, we host physician assistants and/or medical students as well. We typically only host 1-2 students per semester. The privacy and rights of our families is paramount and student involvement is a choice that you have at Birthways. Our families get to know our students and have the opportunity to invite a student to share in their birth experience benefiting from the additional labor support a student offers.

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