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We are so pleased with everything about Birthways. It has been such a relief and a difference from our past experience at a busy OB office. The education and information they provide has been priceless.

Mimi S

My first experience at Birthways in 2012 went very well, so well that we chose them once again the second time around!


I am so glad that I found Birthways. The staff there is so incredibly nice and accommodating. The care is very personalized. I look forward to my appointments there because it’s such a pleasant experience. I feel so “at home”. Thank you so much, Birthways!

Audrey W

I have only good to say about the care and attention given to pregnant and birthing moms and their families at Birthways Family Birth Center! I recently gave birth to my third baby with Christina Holmes attending and she and every assistant I have had has shown the utmost professionalism and personalized care.

Pamela F

I’ve birthed at Birthways once before and I’m back because the quality of care I received was second to none. I have never felt rushed through my appointments, my midwife takes the time to listen to any questions we have, and it’s such a different experience than I had with an OB with my first child. My birth experience with Birthways was better than I ever could have hoped, and I am looking forward to another fabulous birth there!


I was looking for a better, more personal experience than a hospital birth and Birthways was exactly that. The birthing classes were excellent to help prepare you for baby. The whole experience was exceptional, the staff and midwives were excellent. The Midwife was both confident and encouraging. By the time you have your baby you feel like Birthways is a part of your family.

Hannah G

At Birthways you feel at home I enjoyed my whole experience from prenatal visits to the birthing classes and made some friends along the way . They really care about you there and the midwives take time with you at the appointments. I learned so much at the classes that I didn’t know with my first born. I really didn’t think I can do it but I did it and its possible and so worth it. I would definitely recommend birthways its a very safe clean and happy facility


Everyone is so sweet and nice, from the talking on the phone to make the appointment all throughout your experience. I love Birthways Family Birth Center.

Alecia H

I had a very pleasant experience at Birthways for my well woman annual exam. I felt that Cheryl was very friendly, professional and thorough and the setting was very calm. I felt heard and valued as a person, not just a patient. Recommended.

Malory F

The highlight of my first appointment was hearing my baby’s heartbeat (wonderful sound!). Christina and the staff are so caring and thorough, spending time talking about all the aspects of prenatal care from nutrition and exercise to getting rest and preparing mentally for the changes! This will be my third birth at Birthways and I wouldn’t choose to go anywhere else!

Pam F

I love being able to get good, evidence-based care while being respected. Everyone at Birthways goes the extra mile to listen and treat you like a person. Thanks to all the midwives and support staff!


This is the second time I gave birth at the birthways family birth center, Both times was a very good experience, the midwives are awesome, They know how to take care of your needs, They teach you how to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery, I would recommend anyone to go to the birth center, With the exception of moms who have complications during pregnancy! Love the midwives!


We transferred care to Birthways in the middle of my pregnancy (#3), and found it to be comfortable and home like where the pressures of an obgyn office are nowhere to be found. The staff is generous with appt time, friendly, and REALLY care about you and your birth experience. If you want a relaxing birth with no bright lights, minimal to no intervention and a peaceful place to birth your baby, this is the place!

Dasha G

No midwifery practice compares to Birthways! The midwives are not only compassionate and understanding their skillset is imppecable. I trust them infinitely. The birth center itself is soft, low lit and is gorgeously inviting.

Amanda B

The staff and midwife are sweet, welcoming and kind. It’s clean and beautiful there. We love Birthways!

Tanya R

It is always a pleasant experience at Birthways! Every member of their staff is kind and professional. I never feel like just another number as I inevitably do at a physician’s office. Come check it out! They are fantastic at what they do.

Anna H

I had baby number 5 and baby number 6 with Christina Holmes. Both births were wonderful homebirths surrounded by my awesome family. Christina is such a perfect midwife. She is completely hands on when she needs to be and at the same time gives you the space you need to labor the way your body needs to. The team at Birthways is just what a Mother needs for a healthy, strong birth!

April L

Had my second child at Birthways. First was induced at hospital. Midwives took the time to answer any questions. They helped me try everything natural to get labor started. They were out of the way for the whole labor. Monitoring was not nearly as intrusive as the hospital. Delivered in tub. They were terrific with postpartum support!

Stephanie H

I love the environment and care I receive when I go to Birthways Birth Center. I found them after a bad experience with a local doctor and I will never look back!!

Elise W

I can’t express how impressed I was with all the staff! Always genuinely friendly, helpful, understanding, and fun! My husband has to pull me away from appointments. I have always found them to be professional and competent. We need more midwives and they could use Birthways as an example!

Natalie A

We only met with Christina once during our initial visit. We learned shortly after we lost our baby. She was so kind to make the necessary phone calls to an OB and offered us her support. She was very kind and we hope to return to Birthways for a future pregnancy.


I have been seeing the midwives at Birthways since my first 8 week appointment, and I have received EXCELLENT care and support throughout my pregnancy. I am due in 2 weeks and am planning a home birth. From day 1 they have been very helpful, informative, and kind. I am a healthcare provider myself, and I have seen the medical model of pregnancy and childbirth care in practice. I have to say that so far, the midwife model used at Birthways is far superior!


I had my first baby girl at Birthways few days ago and it was a wonderful experience! Eva was born in a peaceful and loving environment, surrounded by people who offered huge support and care. Thank you Christina, all the midwives and assistants for your hard work and the fantastic service you have given us.


Birthways takes care of their patients physically and emotionally. They give you the whole package because they genuinely care about you as a person. I was extremely pleased with my experience and plan to continue to see them for my gyn care. I loved all the midwifes and office staff- extremely sweet people! Keep it up ladies!

Veronica D

Christina Holmes, of Birthways, has delivered four of our babies and will assist in the delivery of our fifth baby this fall. She has been a very comforting and efficient midwife. We plan to move out of state in the next year, and I will greatly miss having Christina deliver my babies! (Yes, we plan to have more!) My children will attest to how special of a person she has been in their lives – they call her the “heartbeat lady” with love. Keep up the good work, Christina and Birthways!


I recently gave birth to my first child at Birthways, and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to do this in a safe, loving, environment where I felt I was in control. It was a great comfort to have a midwife available by phone, anytime. And yes, I did call in the middle of the night, more than once. They also understand birth isn’t the end of the job — so much support offered for postpartum care. The sense of security I felt while giving birth seems to have followed me home :)

Heidi H

Currently I am in the 3rd trimester and have been with Birthways since the end of my 1st. Every part of my experience has been wonderful! I find the midwives to be very knowledgable and helpful and the office staff has always been pleasant. I would definitely refer my friends and family to come without any hesitation. I am thankful that we have such great and caring women here in Sarasota!

Jessica S

This is my first child, I feel so at home there. I am so happy to have them to help me. It’s like a blessing to get a place to have your baby with safe trusting people.

Brittany T

The support and practical wisdom my husband and I found at Birthways transformed my pregnancy, labor and delivery. My water broke at 36 weeks and we were required to go to Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Even then our midwife came with us. Though four weeks early, Katherine was born perfectly healthy. I can’t help but wonder how much of her health can be attributed to Birthways’ focus on nutrition, education and holistic care.

Sarah O

I absolutely love the staff at Birthways! My first baby was born at the hospital and I had a very negative experience. I was blessed to find Christina when I was pregnant the second time. The entire pregnancy and homebirth was a positive experience for my whole family. Six weeks ago, my third baby was born in the birthing tub at Birthways into a calm and relaxing environment.Christina and her staff are knowledgeable and welcoming and the birth center is a very comfortable place to be.

Angela A

I am 35 weeks and have been coming to Birthways since my first prenatal visit. Everyone is so nice and helpful. You can tell they really care, and that they love what they do. They provide a level of personal attention and care that you just can’t find in a doctor’s office. The whole experience has been 100% Amazing!!!


I am 32 weeks and switching to Birthways for care. They spent more time with me at my first visit than all my visits with my doctor combined!


My husband and I are on our 10th child. In the state we were living in, home births were frowned upon. In Florida I was so happy to see that we had a choice. We were both very nervous to have a home birth, but very excited also. We gave birth to our son in December of 2010. Birthways family was there with us every step of the way. We are now expecting and are using Birthways again. I am so excited to be apart of the Birthways family once more.

Tina S

I cannot even explain how much I enjoyed my first visit at the Birthing Center. I luved it and want to have every baby here! I keep spreading the good news. My midwife was so sweet and took more then enough time talking with my husband and I. Why would anyone ever go to a hospital?! The Birthing Center is the best!

Justine S

I found birthways online and attended one of their monday night open houses. My mom being leary of my husband & I’s decision wanted to check it out & ask questions. In doing this she was more acceptable of the idea. We had a tour & actually got to meet the midwife & get to know her from the get go. All the staff is passionate, helpful & sweet. They geniunely care for you and the baby. Its been such a relief knowing I’m in the right place to have my baby.

Shanna A

These women have been practicing midwifery for years! I went for my first appointment at the beginning of February after feeling rushed and unimportant at the doctor’s office. I wanted something new and natural birth/water birth was always something I took interest in. Birthways made time for me. Time to talk about anything I needed in DETAIL with plenty of information provided to me through conversation, paperwork, and other resources. #BEAUTIFUL


Staff/midwifes were caring & presented themselves professionally and took time to answer all of our questions. The orientation video was good, and I am a big supporter of natural birth.


I was messed up on the time, so accidentally arrived late :( They moved the other lady after me, up to go before us. Thought that was respectful of her time, but I had my toddler with me, so I was nervous about keeping him there for 2 hours. Jen at the front desk put cartoons on for him and he felt right at home. Christina was worth the wait. Def off to a great start and feel very comfortable there!

Sara W

It is so wonderful to be able to walk into your appointment and feel like family. Your not just another procedure but rather a friend, I absolutely love that the staff knows who I am and what is going on though out my whole pregnancy without having to thumb through my file. I strongly believe Birthways is the best place to introduce your little one into the world and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jessica M

After touring the facility and meeting the midwife,Christina Holmes, it really made me feel at ease.She answered every question every concern that a mother can have! Knowledgeable and very personal,she put my fears to rest. The Birthing center is set up in such a calming environment which is exactly what my family needs as we welcome our little one into the world!

Melissa T

Such a great experience. Had my first appointment and was so impressed with everyone and everything. This is my first time at a birthing center and I am so excited for future appointments. The staff is very knowledgable and makes you and anyone with you feel comfortable and welcome. If you are searching for a place, it is really worth a glance!


Christina and her team deliver individualized, attentive care for expecting families. She takes all of the time needed and then some to answer all questions and to educate. We are so happy to be at Birthways for our prenatal care!

Anna h

I have had 4 kids and all very precipitous labors. My last experience at the hospital was awful and I am done with those. This is my first experience with a midwife and so far, I love it! Looking forward to finally doing this the RIGHT way!

Deana D

I just had my first visit and the midwife and student midwife were both wonderful. This is my first pregnancy in the care of midwives rather than an OB and what a difference. They spent time with me, without making me feel rushed, welcomed my questions, answered my questions and emphasized that they are here for me at any time for any concerns I may have. Wonderful experience!


This was such a pleasant experience! They really made me and my boyfriend feel at home and welcome, and they took top-notch care of me. I’m looking forward to having my child here!

Satisfied Client

Everyone at Birthways is very warm, caring, and professional. Midwife Christina Holmes is very knowledgeable and competent. My experience with them has been wonderful, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. If I have any more children, I will definitely be back to see them!


Birthways Family Birth Center has provided care for me in the last five years. I have given birth to three babies, and am expecting the fourth! I am very happy and satisfied with the care that I receive there, and wouldn’t choose to go anywhere else!


The midwives and staff at Birthways are the very best. For the birth of my first child I met with many doctors in the Sarasota area, but as soon as I met the staff at Birthways I knew they were the people I wanted by my side through my pregnancy. The atmosphere is calming and relaxing… something I needed as a first time mother. The staff at Birthways goes above and beyond. I would definitely recommend going to the orientation and see for yourself… you won’t want to go anywhere else.

Melissa M

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